Testimony Tuesday 9/27

The other day I was handing out some of the $5 McDonald gift cards in Atlanta. The guy pictured, who wanted to go by the name of Black Jack, asked if I would walk back over and talk to him, once I had finished with the cards. As I went back over to him, he said, "Are you a preacher?" I, of course, said yes sir. He said, "Is that what you have always wanted to be? I told him that in my early years I talked about being a preacher, but as I had reached my teen years, I became more focused on myself and found out that I didn't really have time for GOD, but thankfully that all changed. He said, "Well, I was torn between becoming an actor or being a preacher. I was told by my family that no one in our family had ever been a Christian, so what makes me think that I could be." He went on to say, "I started perusing an acting career and was just never successful. I reached a point about 15 years ago where I felt that I had no purpose on this earth. But still deep down inside, I feel that I should have become a preacher. I know that I have waited to late now, but I still wanted too tell you that." 

Instantly I let him know that he had NOT waited too late. I shared with him the scripture where once you are called, you are called. Nothing or no one can change the calling that GOD has placed on you. I also reminded him of how the guy in the bible paid people that had worked in the field all day, the same amount as the ones that had only worked a few hours. I told him that GOD loves him and put him here for the very purpose of making a difference. The last thing I told him is that, "GOD loves you and has never lost HIS focus of you nor has HIS plan changed!" 

Right then, this hard shelled guy sat down on the retaining wall and completely broke. He sat there in a hard cry for a good 5 minutes, I didn't interrupt, but waited on him to let the emotions flow. Once he had stopped crying, he told me, "I needed to meet you. I want to change where I am, can you give me some advice of what I can do to get started." 

He said the he had accepted JESUS as his Savior. I encouraged him to be the arms of GOD and love those around him. I reminded him that church isn't the building, but the people. I pointed to all of the hurting/homeless standing around and said, "There is your church, let GOD use you in their lives." He immediately walked over to a young boy and said, "I want to be the arms of GOD. Will you let GOD hug you through me?" I was amazed as they embraced! BEAUTIFUL! Every single person has a purpose!! 

GOD thank you for loving us no matter where we have been, or what we have done! Thank you for allowing each of us to be your arms in a world where we can make a huge difference! 

Guys, thank you for allowing GOD to love others through you. The more you love, the more others will be blessed! Also, the blessings you receive will be more than you can contain. Remember, HE chose you! Amazing! 

Happy Testimony Tuesday! 

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